Calcedony Gemstone Bead Earrings

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Embossed sterling silver with calcedony gemstone beads.  Unique one of a kind OOAK sterling silver earrings on French hooks.  Tiny teal blue calcedony beads with a splash of colour.


  • solid North American refined sterling silver
  • genuine calcedony teal coloured 5mm beads 
  • length of earrings are 30mm from top of hook
  • ready to ship
  • hand forged in studio Juliet925

Earring and ear care - earrings should be removed from ears on a regular basis and cleaned using mild soap and water (blue Dawn dish soap works great on sterling silver). Leave earrings to dry completely before reinserting into ears.

Clean skin around ear holes and any build up inside earring holes to prevent bacteria   It is only recommended that newly pierced ears have earrings left in overnight to prevent holes from closing.