Double Knot Ring Mixed Metal

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Call it what you will this double knot, friendship ring, best friend ring  is  hand tied from quality North American refined sterling silver and 14k gold filled. 

How do you take two elements and make them stronger?  You bind them together:  Therefore, the knot is an ancient symbol of the unions that give us fire, strength, and joy.  Hand forged in my tiny retail studio located in historic Fort Langley B.C. 


  • Solid 16g sterling silver and 14k gold filled wire
  • available in custom ring sizes
  • 2 rings interlock and move kinetically from each other (not cast)

gold filled plating is a great alternative to gold plating as it has a 5 x heavier coating of actual 14k gold bonded to brass.  Gold filled has been proven durable enough for everyday wear without wearing off.