tiny textured gold circles studs

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Round and round these tiny gold filled textured open circle studs are great for every day.  


* 14k gold filled plating

* measure 5mm across and .80 mm thick

* made in studio Juliet925, Fort Langley, BC

Gold filled plating is a great alternative to gold plating as it has a 5 x heavier coating of actual 14k gold bonded to brass.  Gold filled has been proven durable enough for everyday wear without wearing off.

Earring and ear care - earrings should be removed from ears on a regular basis and cleaned using mild soap and water (blue Dawn dish soap works great on sterling silver). Leave earrings to dry completely before reinserting into ears.

Clean skin around ear holes and any build up inside earring holes to prevent bacteria   It is only recommended that newly pierced ears have earrings left in overnight to prevent holes from closing.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic! Wear them every day

Love these earrings!! They are the perfect size , material and style for every occasion. I have worn them every day for the past two months, and don’t plan on stopping. They are comfortable and the material still looks as fantastic as the day I bought them.

If you’re on the fence about buying this I would 100% recommend it. I’m going to buy a second pair as soon as I can.